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Odubel Herrera makes catch and tosses ball to fans ... on second out of the inning

Baseball is chock full of traditions. Ceremonial first pitches, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," pranks, dads making catches while holding babies ... they're all integral parts of the game.
Another tradition, maybe not as fun for the player involved, happened during the Blue Jays' 13-2 win over the Phillies on Thursday. Odubel Herrera caught a fly ball for the second out of the eighth inning and very kindly tossed it to the Citizens Bank Park faithful. Unfortunately, there are three outs in an inning:

Edwin Encarnacion, who was on first base, was granted third on the mistake. Fear not, Odubel, for many (Benny Agbayani, lots of other outfielders) have committed this mental gaffe before you. You are not alone, no matter how alone you may feel. And hey, at least you didn't do this.