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The Cubs ordered some custom cowboy boots to commemorate their World Series title

In just a few weeks, a new baseball season will be upon us -- a time when hope springs eternal, when last season is but a hazy memory, when everybody sits atop the standings at 0-0. 
But not every team wants to let go of 2016 just yet. For example, let's say you brought home your franchise's first World Series championship in over a century. It would be understandable if you didn't want to let that go just yet. You might even get something to honor the occasion. Maybe even some cowboy boots:

Yes, the Cubs really ordered custom World Series champion boots to Spring Training. And, most importantly, they've got the manager's approval: "They're very groovy boots," Maddon told's Carrie Muskat. "They definitely belong on a mantle before they belong on your feet. They're pretty -- they're very pretty."
If only Maddon's shorts could have been here to see this.