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The Lowell Spinners have a new logo featuring one mean-looking alligator

Since it moved to Lowell, Mass., back in 1996, the Red Sox Short-Season A affiliate has been called the Spinners -- an ode to the city's role as a hub of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, particularly its water-powered textile mills. 
Since turning cotton into fabric isn't the easiest thing to represent with a mascot, however, the Spinners instead went with an alligator. Or, more specifically, a family of alligators: Canaligator (named for Lowell's six miles of canals), his wife Allie-gator and their daughter Millie-gator. As you can see, they're quite the happy family, loyally rooting on the home team while bringing joy to fans everywhere:

And now, finally, those years of faithful service have been rewarded -- on Wednesday morning the Spinners revealed their new logo, and it's very gator-centric:

Just a small piece of advice: While baseball and adorable mascot alligators are great, baseball and actual alligators don't mix.