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Check out the beautiful sights and sounds from the 112th Alaska Midnight Sun Game

Wednesday was the summer solstice, and on the longest day of the year, ballparks around the country showcased the glorious sun late into the evening. But in Alaska, there would be no sundown until nearly midnight. So, for the 112th time, the Midnight Sun Game was played, as the semi-pro Alaska Goldpanners took on the San Diego Waves.  

It's a game with plenty of history and Major League bonafides. Barry Bonds, Terry Francona and Dave Winfield are just some of the alumni that called Alaska home for at least one summer. Tom Seaver even pitched in the Midnight Sun Game against the USC Trojans in 1965: 

With first pitch at 10 p.m., here is what the field looked like. Yes, it appears to be midday:

As the sun fell near the horizon, it gave off a warm, friendly glow. It just so happened to be at 12:02 a.m.

Plenty more where that came from: 

Naturally, once the game grew long enough to officially be considered #WeirdBaseball, it was time for a second first pitch. Befitting its status, it was a frisbee toss: 

Unfortunately for the 3,531 Alaskans in attendance, the home team would fall, 4-2. You can watch the whole thing here