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Witness the demolition of Houston's Tal's Hill

Tal's Hill is gone. Like hundreds of the greatest human creations that have come before, only to be washed away with the sands of time, so too has the hill in Minute Maid Park's center field disappeared. While the ridge had its detractors -- from the center fielders who had to remember that, "Oh yeah, I've got a mini-mountain to climb with a flag pole in the middle," to fans who didn't like watching home runs die with the extra distance -- it was also an outfield feature unique in the Majors. 
After being given a reprieve for the 2016 season because the Astros' postseason run in 2015 gave construction crews too little time to update the stadium, it's gone now. 

While the removal of Tal's Hill is allowing for a renovation of the Astros' outfield, including "improved seating options and new food and beverage options," it does mean we'll miss out on catches like these: 

Don't tell me that those weren't plenty of fun.