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A Pirates fan brought a sign announcing she was seeing her first game ever -- literally

A lot of great things happen at the ballpark, from exciting games to historic achievements, fan catches and more. Sometimes, the stadium can be the scene of some truly inspiring, heartwarming circumstances -- and we're not talking about on-field activities here. 
Witness this Pirates fan taking in Sunday's game with the Brewers at PNC Park. She was seeing her first game -- literally, mind you -- and brought a sign proudly announcing that fact (as seen atop this post). Correspondent Justin McCauley caught up with the fan, 13-year-old Stephane McLafferty, who dicussed her story and how this was, in fact, the first time she and her family sat close enough to the field to allow her to see the players: 

McLafferty's favorite player is Andrew McCutchen and even though the Pirates lost the game, 10-0, you know Stephane and her family had a fantastic time at the ballpark nonetheless.