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Watch Jeff Locke's wild pitch disappear from sight … and then reappear in the umpire's front pocket

If you were watching the Pirates take on the Padres on Wednesday, you may have figured -- as most would -- that you were watching a baseball game. And you were, for the most part. But in the bottom of the third inning, viewers were treated to a full-blown magic show.

Pirates starter Jeff Locke threw a wild pitch into the dirt that completely disappeared from view -- TV cameras, announcers, even catcher Chris Stewart couldn't find it. And then, inexplicably, it reappeared once again ... in the home-plate umpire's front pocket:

How is this possible? Was it just a one-in-a-million bounce or is there some secret, underground umpire magician club that none of us are invited to? We'll let you be the judge of that.