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Pirates third-base coach really wanted to make sure Josh Harrison slid into third on his triple

A good way to coach in MLB is by doing. If you're a hitting coach and you want your players to hit home runs, you go out and hit a homer yourself. If you want your players to be tough, you take a baseball to the back and laugh it off. If you want your players to slide into third on a triple, you have to get down on the ground yourself and show 'em how.

When Josh Harrison walloped a baseball to deep left-center field to lead off the first game of the Pirates' doubleheader against the Mets on Tuesday, he raced around second and headed to third after the ball bounced off the wall and sent the Mets outfielders scrambling. He made it safely, but just to be sure, third-base coach Rick Sofield demonstrated exactly how he wanted Harrison to come into third: Flat on his stomach.
Say what you will about his method, it worked -- and Harrison ended up scoring the first run of the Pirates' 3-1 win