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Puerto Rico is dominating WBC '17, and doing so with some magnificent bat flips

Team Puerto Rico dominated Pool D of the World Baseball Classic -- going 3-0 and winning its games by a combined score of 29-7. It finished things off on Sunday by overpowering Team Italy, 9-3, and will move on to the second round in San Diego. 
And sure, the team's been getting great offense and pitching, but it also, most importantly, has been producing some electrifying bat flips. Other teams have joined in on the fun occasionally (oh my god, Wladimir Balentien ), but none have done it with the consistency and success of Puerto Rico. Look at this loving, you-did-a-great-job toss by Carlos Correa after his three-run blast on Sunday.

Or this one from Francisco Lindor -- after the shortstop hit one completely out of Estadio Charros de Jalisco on Saturday. Good riddance, bat. Remember to tell your friends about me.

And, of course, Javy Baez during PR's four-run ninth on Saturday. It wasn't so much a flip as a "Thank you for your loyalty and service, young bat. Now go to sleep."