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Raymond absolutely ruins Stomper, proclaims himself King of the Mascots

A couple weeks back, Rays mascot and preeminent blue furry thing Raymond found himself in a boxing match against Adrian Gonzalez and Kiké Hernandez of the Dodgers. Things ... did not go well.

Raymond was down, but he was not out. He's a mascot, after all, a sacred responsibility that doesn't allow for any off-days. So Raymond came back to the ballpark. He cheered on the Rays. And, most importantly, he prepared to establish himself as the unquestioned King of the Mascots. 
With Stomper and the Athletics in town on Saturday night, he finally got his chance. Everyone's favorite elephant was minding his own business by the Oakland bullpen, building up morale before the ga--BAH GAWD, IS THAT RAYMOND'S MUSIC?

With one mighty blow, Raymond served notice to the rest of MLB's mascots. Most importantly, though: Does Stomper always wear a hat underneath his regular hat?