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After a Red Sox fan bobbled and flubbed a foul ball, he let all his (justifiable) frustration out

As long as there are baseball games, there will be epic instances of fans making amazing plays on foul balls. There will also, inevitably, be epic instances of fans coming close to making amazing plays on foul balls -- but failing in dramatic and sometimes explosive fashion.
What befell a Red Sox fan at Tuesday's 1-0 loss to the Orioles falls into the latter category, despite his best efforts to reel in a ball that bounced around his (bare, glove-less) hands like a pinball before falling to the seats below:

After coming up short after a great opportunity like that, we can't blame the guy for reacting like that. And if he's a staunch member of the "adults shouldn't bring gloves to the ballpark" camp, this incident might make him rethink his position. 
But then again, maybe not, since he wound up on a highlight reel anyway. Get 'em next time, guy!