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Young Red Sox fan makes a fantastic foul-ball snag, takes a bow

Imagine you're a kid at a Major League game. You watch, and watch, and watch ... when suddenly a foul ball comes your way -- and you make an outstanding catch! Given that, you know, you just caught a big league souvenir, you would probably lose your mind: Maybe you'd start dancing uncontrollably, or laughing and crying in equal measure, or temporarily lose control of your limbs. 
Unless you were one Red Sox fan during Boston's 2-1 loss to the Angels on Thursday night. After lunging to snag a Dustin Pedroia foul ball, he responded like a man who had been there, done that -- he took a bow:

While we typically find ourselves nonplussed by catches used with the help of a glove, this one was particularly great. And, the amount of sheer panache involved pushes it over the top.