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Red Sox fans tried to rattle Clayton Kershaw by chanting his name

In a big game, the role of the home fans is two-fold. In addition to providing support for the home team, they can also try to impact the game by getting in the heads of the opposing players. 
During the first inning of Tuesday's World Series Game 1, Red Sox fans took that latter role to heart as they tried to rattle three-time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw by chanting his last name at the top of their lungs:

The immediate dividends were positive as the Red Sox hung two runs on the Dodgers starter in the opening frame.
The chant was reminiscent of when Pirates fans serenaded Johnny Cueto in the 2013 NL Wild Card Game. That resulted in Cueto not only dropping the ball on the mound, but surrendering a home run to Russell Martin.

The evidence is piling up that chanting the opposing pitcher's name is a good strategy for fans. Only time will tell if Red Sox fans greet future Dodgers hurlers similarly.