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Watch these Red Sox prospects display their insane bat flip skills at Little Fenway

The guys behind Cespedes Family BBQ have embarked on a cross-country road trip to see as many Top-100 MLB prospects as possible. You can find an introduction to the trip and the full schedule by clicking here, and a recap of their travels to date right here
Most baseball stadiums have a baseball field in them, obviously. Salem's Lewis Gale Field, home of the Red Sox Class A Advanced affiliate, has two fields ... one for the players and one for the kids. Behind the concourse down the left-field line you will find a replica of Fenway Park -- except it's really small and intended for children. We visited Salem last year and did our own bat flips, but knew that we had to come back and get some actual baseball players out there.
So on Tuesday, Instead of a America's youth whiffing at underhand tosses and running the bases in the wrong order, Salem's Mini Fenway played host to two professional baseball players: Third baseman Rafael Devers (Boston's No. 2 prospect, No. 14 overall) and outfielder/first baseman Nick Longhi (Red Sox No. 17). We flipped some bats, we raised some trophies, and we made some memories. It. Was. Awesome.
There was general flippage from all involved:

Oh, and Longhi crushing a homer and then chucking his bat completely over the (Little Fenway) Green Monster:

Check out the rest of the bat-flipping majesty in the main clip above.