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Hear the final out of the Red Sox's World Series title as called in Spanish, Korean, Japanese and French

If you didn't hear (or help spread) the news, the Boston Red Sox won the 2018 World Series on Sunday night. With its 5-1 win over the Dodgers in Game 5, Boston put an exclamation point on top of a truly magnificent season, one that saw the club win the most games in franchise history with 108.
The final out of the game, which locked down the Dodgers' second consecutive World Series loss at home by a score of 5-1, was closed out by a particularly nasty sweeping slider from Chris Sale to Manny Machado, whose swing brought him to a knee.

You know how Joe Buck and John Smoltz made the call on the FOX broadcast, but how about the rest of the world? Play the clip atop this post to hear the dramatic final moments, as called on various affiliates in Spanish, French, Korean and Japanese. 
That's four additional chances to get goosebumps, if you're a Boston fan ...