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From full-court heaves to half-court buckets, Joe Kelly and Hanley Ramirez put on a basketball clinic

The Boston Celtics stood pat as Thursday's NBA trade deadline came and went, opting to "buy in" on the team that currently sits behind the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference. 
Maybe that's because they'd rather just sign Joe Kelly of the Red Sox, who is apparently no slouch with a basketball in his hands. In fact, as the video below shows, he made a perfect swish on a full-court heave on Thursday night:

You may notice that the video above happened to be posted by Kelly's teammate Hanley Ramirez, by the way -- who also made a slick shot of his own, as he was there too: 

"There" in this instance refers to Alico Arena, home of the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles -- located just a few miles from the Red Sox's Spring Training facility in Fort Myers, Fla. Clearly, Ramirez and Kelly saw fit to take in a game and then practice some shooting drills afterward. 
And wait, there's more! FGCU alum Chris Sale was also there, tossing himself alley-oops:

Even Red Sox manager John Farrell was impressed: "It's a long strike," he told's Ian Browne. "It's not part of the throwing program, but still it was a hell of a throw."
Good luck to anybody who plays a game of H-O-R-S-E against these guys.