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The Phillies and Rockies launched some truly outrageous home runs on Sunday

Some things we know to be true about Coors Field: 1) It's home to a magical family of red-tailed hawks, 2) Fernando Rodney was last seen wandering in its woods and 3) it produces some of baseball's most awe-inspiring dingers. Like, "over the concourse and into the concession stands" awe-inspiring:

But even for a park conducive to the occasional 500-foot blast, Sunday's Phillies-Rockies contest went above and beyond the call of oustanding dingers. Just how far beyond? According to Statcast, three of the 14 longest home runs hit this season took place in this one game ... in a span of 14 batters. 
First up was Philly catcher Cameron Rupp, who took a Jake McGee fastball 465 feet to dead center -- only to be outdone one inning later, when teammate Maikel Franco went 471 feet to left:

This looked like so much fun that the Rockies decided to get in on it too -- so, in the bottom of the eighth, Carlos Gonzalez launched a 462-foot blast to right-center:

The Phillies might have technically won the game, 10-3, but when this many dingers are involved, we're the real winners.