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Ronald Torreyes threw his bat at the ball to stay alive, then drove in the tying run on the next pitch

Some pitches are just nastier than others. And when a hitter is on the wrong end of a count in an at-bat, he's at a disadvantage, the pitcher having all kinds of opportunities to entice him to swing and miss. 
Ronald Torreyes of the Yankees found himself in that tough situation in the ninth inning of Saturday's 6-5 loss to the Mariners at Safeco Field, in a big spot. The potential tying run was at second base in the form Jacoby Ellsbury, and Torreyes was facing Seattle's intimidating closer, Edwin Díaz, with two outs. 
Diaz snapped off an 89.3-mph slider low and away, attempting to get Torreyes to offer on a pitch that he had no business making contact on. Torreyes swung, but he somehow made contact anyway: 

Just ... how?
That amazing effort kept the at-bat going, and Torreyes cracked a game-tying single to left field on the next offering, as seen atop this post. 
The lesson here, obviously: Never give up, hitters. Never.