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The #RallyMantis saga continues as a new edition shows up in the Royals' dugout

Over the past week or so, the legend of the Rally Mantis became a bit of a thing surrounding the Royals once one took up a temporary residence on Billy Burns' cap. K.C. won that game, so naturally a legend was born.
However, it was a short-lived phenomenon, as the mantis apparently died on Friday, prompting an official remembrance video put together by Danny Duffy and Dillon Gee.
And that's it, the final bit of news on the Rally Mantis, who lived a short but inspiring life around .... wait, WHAT? 

That was the scene noted by's Jeffrey Flanagan during the seventh inning of Monday's game with the Tigers at Comerica Park. All of a sudden, Rally Mantis Version 2.0 appeared in the dugout: 

The timing of this (again, new) mantis' arrival is especially curious given that Burns and the Royals just gave the original version a burial on Sunday: 

New week, new game, new mantis? Apparently so, considering what's transpired so far. And since the Royals won Monday's game, 3-1, this won't end anytime soon. 

Unlike the original Rally Mantis, this is a story that refuses to die. Stay tuned ...