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Ryan Dempster is going to be a guest DJ on Pearl Jam Radio on Tuesday

First things first: SiriusXM radio has a channel entirely dedicated to the band Pearl Jam (and MLB Network, but you knew that already). Second things second: Aspiring late-night host and former Cub, Ryan Dempster, will guest DJ for an hour on Pearl Jam Radio, at 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday.
It makes sense -- after all, Eddie Vedder is a passionate Cubs fan, and he and Dempster have hung out before (they attended the 2015 Wild Card Game together). But that's not even the most interesting thing they've done. Click play on the video above to hear Dempster tell a story about doing Pearl Jam karaoke with, you know, the lead singer of Pearl Jam.
You can also get a sneak preview of his set list which, to our disappointment, is not just "All the Way" 20 times in a row.