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Sandy Alomar dove out of the way of Francisco Lindor's foul ball and then played peek-a-boo

Former catchers aren't generally known for their quickness or agility. Sandy Alomar proved that wrong. In the eighth inning of Cleveland's 12-0 victory against the Orioles, Francisco Lindor lasered a line drive down the first-base line. Showing Shemika Charles-esque limbo abilities (she has the Guinness Record for lowest limbo -- but you knew that already), Alomar ducked out of the way. 
 After a mental check that everything was OK, Alomar busted out a little peek-a-boo: 

If you have a baby, feel free to leave that GIF open to entertain them for hours. 
After the game, Lindor told's Mandy Bell, "That was my best swing of the day right there. [His reaction time] was pretty impressive," the shortstop said, but quickly grew concerned. "I thought it was going to hit him. But then I felt bad because he hit his head when he got down. I wish I would've kept it fair. He said he was scared, he was scared. I was like, 'Are you ok?' and he's like, 'No, I'm scared. I'm fricken scared.' I was like, "Uh oh. Sorry.'"
<o:p>Terry Francona offered his own take: 
"Well it's a good thing [Alomar] got down on that ball or he might still be there."<o:p>