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A catcher on a youth team didn't have a glove ... so Kyle Schwarber gave him his

On Saturday, the Cubs hosted an RBI Junior All-Star team at their Spring Training home in Arizona. Pretty cool, right? Well, you know what's cooler? Getting to hang out with Kyle Schwarber at the same time:

But you know what's coolest? When you're a catcher with a broken glove. "Wait," you might be saying, "having equipment that doesn't work is actually the opposite of cool. Do you even know what words mean?"
Don't worry, I promise it's going to be OK. Even though 15-year-old catcher Jose Alvarado's glove was broken, he still got to play, because he borrowed one -- from Kyle Schwarber. Here's what Alvarado told Big League Stew:
"I couldn't get [my glove] fixed, so I basically came out here with no catcher's glove … [Schwarber said], 'Let me go get my glove for you,' but it all happened so fast that I was in shock. So he sent one of the guys ... to get his glove, and I was surprised that he actually let me use [it]. I was like, 'Whoa, I'm about to use Kyle Schwarber's glove today.'"
That's not all -- after the game was over, Schwarber brought Alvarado back into the clubhouse, where he gave him one of his very own, unused catcher's mitts. And that wasn't even the end of Schwarber's generosity:
Then Schwarber grabbed a couple arms full of gear and brought it back to the practice field. One kid got a pair of shoes. Another got a bat. Another batting gloves. As that excitement settled, Jose was standing there marveling at his new catcher's glove.
So … does this mean that if I break my glasses, I can assume that Joe Maddon's got my back?