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The hottest game over All-Star Week wasn't Pokemon Go, it was shirsey hunting

While you watched Giancarlo Stanton obliterate baseballs at the T-Mobile Home Run Derby and Dellin Betances throw heat at the All-Star Game presented by MasterCard, there was still one other game going down at All-Star Week -- and this one wasn't televised.
If you've noticed everyone staring at their phones while wandering around town, trying desperately to catch the rarest of creatures, you know exactly what I'm talking about. No, not Pokemon Go, but rather Shirseymon Go, where instead of capturing bizarre cartoon monsters, you're trying to find fans in the coolest jerseys and shirseys. 
After all, while Pokemon Go has just 110 monsters for you to hunt, Major League Baseball offers 750-plus per season. The ShirseyDex literally could go on forever. 

(Yes, that's right -- I caught a Frank Thomas, Barry Bonds and Bartolo Colon in one weekend. Jealous much?) 
Just like that other game, not all shirseys are created equal. After all, a Bryce Harper or David Ortiz sighting is fairly common -- making them like the Pidgeys or Weedles in Pokemon lore. 

The jerseys you discover are localized, too. Since the All-Star Game was held in San Diego this year, plenty of fans were decked out in a Tony Gwynn, Dave Winfield or Wil Myers shirt. Even a sighting of a Benito Santiago was fairly routine. 

You can even capture "evolved" versions of players. Sure, a José Altuve jersey is not a rare sighting. But a Jose Altuve rainbow Astros shirt? Well, that's a different story.  

Of course, the really rare finds are the ones you spend all night searching for -- holding your phone aloft as you wander back and forth in circles hoping to spot a true gem. Those are shirts for, I dunno, let's say All-Star relievers (the equivalent of finding an Electabuzz):

Or, perhaps, retired players from over a decade ago that are remembered by only the most dedicated of fans -- like Dave Hollins: 

Of course, these all pale in comparison to the most sought-after shirsey of all: the misspelled retired player with bonus properly spelled autograph. We'll always remember you Jeromy Bru-- I mean, Burnitz: 

The only thing this game doesn't have is battling. Because shirseys are already perfect and beautiful -- so why bring fighting into it? Get out there and get catching.