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Snoop Dogg threw out the first pitch at a Padres game and, well, at least he had fun

Before the Braves' 4-2 win over the Padres on Wednesday, Snoop Dogg threw out the first pitch. Now, we were pretty excited about it, because Snoop himself was pretty excited:

And we were not disappointed:

Sure, it may have been just a bit high and a bit outside, but cut him some slack, he's done a decent job in the past: 

"I got to see him warming up in the cage," Wil Meyers told's AJ Cassavell. "He actually has a really good arm. It's not very accurate, but he's got potential."
And he is, after all, just another position player pitching:

Snoop talked about his performance and going to the same high school as Tony Gwynn after the game:

And before he left, he made sure not to miss an opportunity to shoot the bow and arrow: