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15 days until Spring Training: Get to know the Twins' many new faces with Two Truths and a Lie

Spring Training is less than a month away! Let us keep you company until the first pitcher-and-catcher workouts on Feb. 18 with a team-by-team countdown of reasons to get excited for the 2016 MLB season. Today: The Minnesota Twins.

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When a rookie debuts for your favorite team, it's a bit like getting a new classmate. The school has a certain dynamic established -- everyone knows the teacher's pet and the class clown and you already have your group of friends -- but man, the new kid in school seems so cool. And eventually, everyone forgets he transferred in from that weirdo school across town and it's like he's been with you since kindergarten.  

The 2016 Twins are about to have a lot of new kids in school.

Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton kick-started Minnesota's youth movement last season (Buxton still maintains rookie eligibility), and a gaggle of additional prospects could see substantial time in Minneapolis sooner rather than later this year.

So, let's make the new Twins feel welcome with everyone's favorite classroom icebreaker: Two truths and a lie. Below are six players who will enter Spring Training as rookies but could make a big impact in 2016. Can you guess which of the three statements listed for each isn't true?