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Andrew McCutchen reminded Starling Marte to wear his shades and the advice paid off

Proper eye protection has been a pretty hot topic lately, with the eclipse crossing over plenty of ballfields in America and everyone rushing to make their eclipse viewers. Andrew McCutchen knows that proper eyewear is necessary any time the sun is out -- especially if you're a ballplayer. 
In the top of the fifth of the Cubs-Pirates game on Monday, Mike Freeman hit a fly ball to left field. Starling Marte came in to make the catch, but with his sunglasses still resting atop his head, the left fielder battled the sun and managed to snag the ball while going to a knee. Cutch made sure his outfield partner knew he should put his shades on: 

It was a good reminder, too. Sure enough, the next batter hit a fly ball to left field. This time, Marte managed to make the grab with ease.