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Starling Marte earned zero style points, but still robbed a home run with this incredible catch

Starling Marte won a Gold Glove Award for his stellar work in left field last season. But, more than that, Marte earned a reputation for manning his position with a certain smoothness, as if he were Stefan Urquelle to Hunter Pence's Steve Urkel.
In fact, Marte was so smooth out in left that he unleashed what will forever be known as the chillest outfield assist in baseball history:

See? Marte has much chill.
But 2016 is a new season, with new opponents, new obstacles, and new scenarios for Marte to thrive in. And on Friday night, Marte threw all style out the window to make a frantic-but-incredible catch to rob Chris Carter of a home run.
The Brewers were up, 5-0, in the seventh and looking to add to their lead when Carter launched a shot to deep left-center field. Marte got on his horse, but lost track of the ball while climbing the outfield wall, and had to turn back to make an acrobatic catch with his cleat stuck in the wall:

Graceful it was not, but there's still something beautiful about Marte's particular brand of chaotic motion, isn't there?
For what it's worth, the Brewers made do without Carter's would-be homer, as they went on to win, 8-4.