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You can help the Staten Island Yankees become the Staten Island Pizza Rats

Last year, the world was united behind one of the most inspirational stories in recent memory: Pizza Rat, a courageous subway rodent who would stop at nothing to haul an entire slice of pizza back home for dinner. 
NYC pizza rat at L train station
It was the quintessential New York City fairy tale -- passion, tireless dedication in the face of nigh-impossible odds, questionable transit hygiene and an abiding love of pizza. And now, we have the chance to bestow upon Pizza Rat the ultimate honor: a Minor League team name.

Yes, the Staten Island Yankees are looking for a new nickname, and the Staten Island Pizza Rats are one of five finalists you can vote for right here.
There is some pretty worthy competition, including the Bridge Trolls (commemorating the four bridges connecting Staten Island to Brooklyn and New Jersey) and Staten Island Rock Pigeons (combining one of the city's most iconic animals with the Island's nickname, "The Rock"). But if you've ever found yourself desperate for the perfect slice, you know which to choose.