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The secret to the A's improbable walk-off streak? A big bag of Rally Skittles

Back in Spring Training, an A's fan -- known only as "Leah" -- brought her favorite team a gift: a big bag of Skittles. Oakland immediately won five straight Cactus League games, and the Rally Skittles were born.
When the A's walked off against the Tigers on Saturday, the Rally Skittles were there. When they did it again to Detroit on Sunday, the Rally Skittles were there. And, with the score tied headed to the bottom of the 11th against the Angels on Monday, guess what Stephen Vogt busted out:

Three batters later, Jed Lowriesent everybody home:

We're not saying that a bag of Skittles is irrevocably altering the fate of the 2017 season, we're just saying we wouldn't be surprised if the A's never lost again.