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For one night, the Syracuse Chiefs will become the Syracuse Salt Potatoes

If, like me, you are not from Syracuse, you probably thought a salt potato was: 
- A potato covered in salt.
- A name for a "salty" and witty elderly person.
- A particularly large piece of salt. 
Turns out, it's not quite any of those (though your first guess would have been closest). Syracuse, known as "The Salt City," is also known for this signature summer dish where small yellow potatoes are boiled in very salty water. This creates a sort of shell for the potato that keeps the moisture out to create a unique and fluffy interior -- at least if the Wikipedia can be trusted. So, in honor of this culinary delight, the Chiefs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Nationals, will become the Salt Potatoes on Aug. 5.
If you're wondering what other things the team can do to honor the dish other than the potato cap and the buttery, potato-y jersey, the Chiefs have you covered, too. I've never seen eye butter before: 

The Syracuse Salt Potatoes?

Introducing for the very first time, the Syracuse Salt Potatoes! #GetSalty and come out on August 5th for "What If Night" where we will be the Salt Potatoes for ONE NIGHT ONLY!! Plus a Salt Potato jersey replica giveaway presented by NewsChannel 9 and 93Q! #SackUp

Posted by Syracuse Mets on Saturday, June 24, 2017