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The Oakland Coliseum will have brunch for weekend day games in 2018

Photos: @Athletics

We've all been there: You have tickets to a Saturday or Sunday afternoon baseball game, but you want to grab some brunch before first pitch. So, you go to your favorite brunch place, but instead of having a leisurely weekend morning, you're constantly checking your watch and have to head out with one fewer cup of coffee than you wanted.

In 2018, the A's will solve that problem. That's right -- they're offering brunch at the ballpark so you can seamlessly combine your leisurely weekend morning routine with some baseball. Thanks to the Shibe Park Tavern's Bashin' Brunch, you can sleep in, have brunch and catch a live baseball game all in one day:

And they didn't stop there. The daily offerings at the Oakland Coliseum have also gotten a makeover:

If you somehow still have some room for dessert after your brunch and lunch at the ballpark -- or maybe you just have a sweet tooth -- the A's have you covered there as well. Check out the Funnel Sticks -- carnival-style deliciousness without getting powdered sugar everywhere:

Between weekend brunch and name-your-price tickets on Wednesdays, the Coliseum looks to be the place to be in 2018.