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This bodybuilding fan would trade his enormous muscles for a Cubs World Series championship

By day, Brent Swanson is your average, super-ripped, muscle-bound bodybuilder. By night -- and actually, by day also (considering how often the Cubs play in the sunlight) -- he's Cubs Warrior: Defender of baseball and, yes, also possessor of giant muscles. 
While he uses his superhuman strength to inspire his fellow fans and the players on the field, he would trade it all for a World Series championship. Telling Jake Mintz of Cespedes Family BBQ, "I would sacrifice my body if we could win a World Series. It's been 108 years. C'mon now, for me not to do that for the whole city of Chicago, for the state of Illinois -- what it would mean to us -- for sure." 
With the Cubs having won the first game of the NLCS, their path to the World Series is growing shorter. Get a good look at this modern marvel of muscles while you can -- with just seven more wins, they may all go away. 

Unfortunately for our muscley friend, the Cubs lost, 1-0, to the Dodgers in Game 2 and head to Dodger Stadium with the series knotted at one game a piece. 
See if the Cubs can bring joy to the Cubs Warrior in Game 3 by tuning in to FS1 at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday.