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'The Freeze' overcame an early stumble to beat another Braves fan in a race at SunTrust Park

It's been quite the 24 hours for "The Freeze," the Braves' mid-game racing phenom. On Friday, a fan's overconfidence led him to a fall just before beating him to the finish line, but on Saturday, it was an error from the star himself that almost led to a loss.
"The Freeze," whose real name is Nigel Talton, is a member of the Braves' grounds crew, and he ran in college at nearby Kennesaw State. So he had plenty of confidence heading into Saturday's race against a Braves fan named Evan, pulling off the pose made famous by Olympian Usain Bolt beforehand.

After Evan's customary head start, "The Freeze" hit an unexpected roadblock, stumbling almost immediately out of the gate.

However, that didn't mean all was lost -- Bolt himself has stumbled and won races before. Sure enough, "The Freeze" surged ahead, caught Evan, and did another classic Bolt pose as he crossed the finish line -- the shush.

We can only hope that one day, "The Freeze" takes on baseball's own current speed king, Billy Hamilton. That would be a race to remember.