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Watch J.T. Snow interview a college baseball-playing Darren Baker

It's been almost 16 years since Giants first baseman J.T. Snow famously scooped up Dusty Baker's three year-old son Darren Baker. That scene from the 2002 World Series is easily the most unforgettable moment in bat-boy history; we never saw anything like it beforehand and we haven't seen anything like it since.

In the years after that iconic rescue, Darren and J.T. have reunited a few times, most notably in July of 2012 when a 12 year-old Darren threw out the first pitch at AT&T Park to Snow. But last week, the story got to a whole new level.

Darren, now 19 years-old, was actually drafted last year out of high school in the 27th round, but opted to play collegiately at Cal Berkley. Snow, who works as a baseball broadcaster for the Pac-12 Network, just coincidentally happened to be calling Cal's home series last weekend against Utah, and thus a reunion was born.
Darren also happens to be a pretty legit baseball player in his own right -- he's played in every game for Cal this year as a Freshman, batting .288 -- so there's a chance we could see him coming to J.T. Snow's son's rescue in a World Series game one day.