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The Phillie Phanatic danced with a fan dressed as the Phanatic

At a certain point in our lives and career, we start to think a bit more about who will carry the torch after we're gone. Will that intern be able to manage the responsibilities of a full-time job? How will society continue to function when the next generation is in charge.
The Phillie Phanatic can put any such concerns to rest. During the Phillies' 6-3 loss to the Marlins Sunday, he got a glimpse at the next generation of Phanatics. They also have ATVs and know how to ride them:

But the real test came in the form of dancing. The young Phanatic looked like he knew what he was doing there, too:

Sure, it was only one performance, but it looks like Phillies fans are going to be in capable hands if the Phanatic ever decides to hang 'em up.