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The Pirates turned a wild double play by catching two runners stealing on one play

On Thursday night, the Phillies and Pirates played the first game of their intrastate series. The Pennsylvania rivalry got off to a strong start thanks in part to a three-run single from Cesar Hernandez. The weirdness continued during Friday's 2-1 Phillies win.

The Phillies were threatening to add to their 2-1 lead with runners on the corners and only one out in the eighth inning when George Kontos caught Rhys Hoskins cheating a bit too far off first base. A wild two-rundown sequence ensued to end the inning:

For those you scoring at home, that's a 1-3-4-2-5-8-7 double play. Hopefully that fits on your scorecard.

With two games remaining in the intrastate series, who knows what future oddities are in store.