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A new species of wasps in Florida was named after Ichiro Suzuki

(Lynne Sladky)

Although Ichiro Suzuki rose to fame in the United States with the Mariners, he's made many new fans recently in his forties with the Marlins. One of those fans is a research scientist named Jose Fernandez-Triana.
Fernandez-Triana works for the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes and in a recent study published by ZooKeys, he named a new species of wasps after Ichiro. This is Diolcogaster ichiroi:

Photo credit: Jose Fernandez-Triana, ZooKeys 730: 121-148
Fernandez-Triana noted that Ichiro was his favorite baseball player, so to him, it was only fitting to name a wasp from south Florida after one of the Marlins' most popular players from the last few seasons.
It seems appropriate to us, too. After all, Ichiro has a habit for stinging opposing pitchers with vicious line drives.