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This fan reacted to Giancarlo Stanton's monster homer like he'd just seen Godzilla

During Wednesday's Marlins-Mariners game, Giancarlo Stanton hit a mammoth homer because, um, that's just what he does every day. Statcast projected it at 445 feet with an exit velocity of 114 mph.

But if you're not really into numbers telling you how far a home run goes, please direct your attention to this fan's I-just-saw-Godzilla reaction below.

Oh my god, indeed. And the aftermath of the dinger was what you might expect it to be:

The ball was caught by Mike Antonio -- a diehard Mariners fan (on left).

Regarding the moment, the intrepid gentleman told Real-Time Correspondent Chloe Collyer:
"Initially, we were surprised ... it happened in a flash. And all of a sudden we looked down and there was like, vanilla milkshake and ranch sauce all spread out in our beer."
Sounds about right. Fortunately, Safeco Park security bought Antonio a new beverage. The Mariners also won the game, 10-5.