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This photo of Adrian Beltre dressed as a 'Texan' belongs in a museum

After a tough 3-2 loss to the White Sox on Sunday, the Rangers were headed to Anaheim for a big four-game set against the Angels. To get extra motivation, the Rangers decided to channel some state pride -- donning Texas flag blazers, jeans, cowboy hats and western-style belt buckles. They were "Texans" and they were looking fantastic:

But one man looked, perhaps, more fantastic than all the rest. You probably know who we're talking about. You definitely know who we're talking about.

I mean, that looks like a portrait that you'd see hanging over a fireplace in some old lodge on a Texas ranch. Or maybe in a museum exhibit detailing the wild American West during the 19th century. So regal, so handsome.
Either way, we all should know this: Adrián Beltré is the coolest person alive.