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Comerica Park just could not contain Miguel Cabrera's titanic, stadium-clearing home run

Even after having its outfield fences moved in, Comerica Park is still a rather unforgiving ballpark for hitters seeking home runs -- especially when they try to hit one out to center. Almost every time, a deep, booming ball lands in the glove of a center fielder. 
Miguel Cabrera, however, is not your average hitter, and he demonstrated just how true that is in Monday's 8-7 win over the Mariners. Connecting on a 92-mph fastball offered up by Nathan Karns, Cabrera crushed it to center field -- so deep, in fact, that it took a healthy bounce over the foliage, above the bricks and onto the street outside the ballpark.
This is the swing of a man who makes the ridiculous look quite easy:

Since gravity wins in any scenario, the baseball did eventually come to a stop outside Comerica Park … where this man ended up snatching the baseball (as tracked down by Tony Paul of the Detroit News): 

This example of Cabrera's brute strength is the latest addition to his 2016 highlight reel. And it was a pretty impressive shot:'s Jason Beck spoke to Justin Upton and manager Brad Ausmus about the long homer postgame.
"A lot of pale faces, I guess," Upton said. "Guys were just in awe. That ball, off the bat, you didn't know when it was going to land. He's hit a few like that. It's pretty impressive."
"That was probably the farthest I've seen here," manager Brad Ausmus said. "I can't think of one that was farther. I've seen farther in [batting practice], but never in a game."
The Detroit slugger has already had a pretty eventful season thanks to his extracurricular on-field activities, which have included attempts at being a ball boy, faking hidden-ball tricks, and asking opposing first basemen for hugs
He just knows how to entertain. 
Cabera's big home run was important to the game's outcome, as the Tigers held off Seattle in 12 innings thanks to Upton's second homer of the night, a walk-off shot ...

... that set off a subsequent celebration, as it should: