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Ever wondered what a 4-3-2-3 putout would look like? Miguel Cabrera and the Tigers will show you

There's something beautifully simple about a baseball scorecard, a system of symbols and numbers that lets you retell and relive an entire game just from a sheet of paper. Sometimes, though, the box score just isn't enough. Take Thursday's Cardinals-Tigers game, for example -- a casual observer would read that Matt Carpenter hit into a "4-3-2-3" putout in the first inning, and just assume there was some reasonable explanation.
When, in reality, something far more magical had taken place. Before we go on, we need to set the mood:

Much better. Now, where were we:

For those keeping score at home, that was 1) a grounder to second base that 2) was thrown past Miguel Cabrera at first, was 3) recovered by Jarrod Saltalamacchia backing up the play and promptly 4) thrown back to Cabrera, who tagged out Carpenter before he got back to the bag. You know, your everyday ground ball.