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As revealed by #SnapchatDay, Taylor Swift was the soundtrack to Tigers BP

Thanks to MLB's #SnapchatDay, we learned quite a few things about our favorite MLB teams and players that we may have never known. Marcus Stroman revealed his wake-up face, for example, and it turns out Kevin Gausman makes a cute (?) dog. And we learned that, if their batting practice soundtrack is any indication, the Tigers know there are haters in the world, and they know those hates are gonna hate.
Watch the video above -- or better yet, go check out the team's Snapchat ("Tigers" on the app) -- and you'll see Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera taking some swings while listening to one of Taylor Swift's omnipresent singles. Perhaps they looked back on MLB's recent history with Swift and wanted to bring in some good vibes, or avoid being cursed
Either way, we can only assume that a few seconds after these Snaps ended, the entire Tigers team broke out into a choreographed dance number -- but there are some things that are just too fire emoji even for Snapchat.

And sure, the Tigers dropped their Grapefruit League matchup with the Astros, 10-4, but don't worry -- I'm sure they'll be able to … shake it off.