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The Brewers gave the keys to their Twitter account to final September callup Tim Dillard

On Sept. 1, in preparation for the postseason push, MLB rosters expand from a maximum of 25 players to 40. Some teams use this time to give anticipated youngsters a bit of Major League experience. Others look to add valuable depth and situational pieces. This season, the Brewers took the opportunity to disrupt the social media landscape.
On Monday, the team announced its final callup for 2016: Tim Dillard, a right-handed reliever who's spent parts of 14 seasons with the organization. But he isn't just some extra bullpen help for the stretch run -- he also happens to be a semi-amateur comedian, and he's here to take over the @Brewers Twitter account for the final two weeks of the season.

Access to nearly 400,000 followers is a grave responsibility, but that's OK. This was the moment that some fantastically '80s inspirational montages had prepared him for:

It was a long and arduous journey to Miller Park -- one filled with connecting flights and entirely too many airline peanuts:

But he was rewarded with an appropriately tagged uniform:

Once he got settled in, it was time to get to work. But first, a quick hot dog:

And then things got, uh, weird:

Like, "three Brewers sing pop songs while riding around in a golf cart" kind of weird:

But no week of social media shenanigans would be complete without recreations of beloved movie scenes. First, there was "Tommy Boy":

Then, more disturbingly, there was "Scream" -- with bullpen coach Lee Tunnell playing the Drew Barrymore role:

Dillard still has a few days left as Milwaukee's Manager of New Media Shenanigans, so stay tuned to see what he comes up with next -- we will settle for nothing less than a complete reenactment of "Blues Brothers" featuring Bernie Brewer.