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Canadian House of Commons member Chris Bittle made Tim Raines' Hall of Fame case in Parliament

(Clair, Michael)

When most people want to stump for their favorite player's Hall of Fame case, they usually write a blog post, take to Twitter or simply hurl a number of unprintable epithets into the sky. For Chris Bittle, he has a bit of a better place to make his views known: The Canadian Parliament. 
Bittle, the representative for St. Catharines of southern Ontario, took some time to make a very important statement in Parliament on Wednesday: Tim Raines should be in the Hall of Fame. 
"I rise today to speak of an upcoming ballot. This is not a member of the Minister of Democratic Institutions. I am, Mr. Speaker, speaking about the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot," Bittle said. "Though it may seem unusual to speak about baseball on this frigid week in Ottawa, a player is on the ballot in his final year of eligibility and worthy of our support: Tim Raines." 
Listen to Bittle make the case for the former Expos great below, including stumping for his on-base percentage(!). That's right, Raines' on-base percentage is now on record in the Canadian Parliament: 

Of course, if that doesn't do it for you, maybe this will: