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The Toledo Mud Hens will honor the Dream Team's 25th anniversary with some great retro uniforms

Prior to the 1992 Summer Olympics, the International Basketball Federation ruled that professional players would be allowed to compete for the first time -- and the Dream Team was born.
Team USA went undefeated -- average margin of victory: 44 points -- en route to a gold medal. John Stockton came off the bench. Shaquille O'Neal couldn't even make the team. No less than the Basketball Hall of Fame dubbed it "the greatest collection of basketball talent on the planet." Their opponents literally stopped to ask them for autographs.
And now, on the 25th anniversary of their legendary run, these cultural icons will receive America's highest honor: a spot-on Minor League uniform.

With this news, we can safely say that the Mud Hens have cornered the market on '90s nostalgia.