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Tommy Lasorda, doing some very advanced scouting, coached a young fan on his swing

During the third inning of the Dodgers' 3-2 walk-off win on Tuesday, the team got their first look at an individual who will quite likely be an All-Star slugger some day:

Tommy Lasorda took a moment in the stands to coach a young Dodgers fan on his batting stance and swing -- if you look closely, it looks like he's saying "power," obviously anticipating all of the home runs this kid will hit batting cleanup in a Major League lineup. So, was this just some genial fan interaction?
Maybe. But this is a man who led the Dodgers to two World Series championships and was a two-time NL Manager of the Year. He knows talent when he sees it, and clearly, he took a shining to this fan. As special advisor to the Dodgers, he might've been doing some very advanced scouting for the 2026 First-Year Player Draft. 
And as we all know, Lasorda's next lesson: How to defend your honor against the nefarious Phillie Phanatic.

UPDATE: According to Twitter, Lasorda's pupil and future No. 1 draft pick is Sal "Cousin Sal" Iacono's son. So you know he has those good athletic genes: