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Tony Wolters tore the cover off the ball and its new shape caused some trouble for the Padres

If you put the ball in play, things can happen. Sometimes they're unexpected, like impromptu rallies sparked by a few errant throws on a swinging bunt. 
And, as we've seen already this week, exciting things can happen at Coors Field -- and the latest took place in the seventh inning of the Rockies' 3-2 win over the Padres on Tuesday night. 
Facing San Diego's Miguel Diaz, Colorado's Tony Wolters hit a little squibber that Diaz fielded in front of the mound. But this was no ordinary squibber, considering Wolters' swing tore the literal cover off the baseball: 

Diaz grabbed the newly misshapen sphere and hurled it toward Wil Myers at first base, but the throw was off-line and Wolters reached on an error. Myers was then tasked with dealing with a baseball that is no longer in game shape:

After the game, Wolters was asked by's Thomas Harding about the sequence of events. He mentioned how "cool" it was, noted that he wish he'd been able to keep the ball (it was tossed back to the Padres' dugout instead) and noted that this kind of thing is actually more common than you might think: 
"Usually changeups, you hit off the cap and it cuts the ball. I saw it. I was like, 'There's a chance. This ball might do something crazy to the first baseman. Then Myers came of the bag. So I'm happy."
For Myers, this was an opportunity for him to see what it's like on the other end of this scenario, considering he did this last season:

Life comes at you fast, they say.