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Watch as Twins rookie Felix Jorge reacts when he finds out he's making his Major League debut

The Chattanooga Lookouts were getting ready to head out to the field to stretch and have batting practice. Before that, manager Jake Mauer had a quick announcement to make.
"One of you gentlemen is going to pitch in the big leagues on Saturday," Mauer said. "Kansas City -- double header."
There was a break in the chatter and it immediately turned to silence as he said starting pitcher Felix Jorge's name.
The smile that spread across the 23-year-old's face was contagious as the locker room cheered. His teammates each ran up to him to wish him congratulations and Todd Van Steensel sat behind him recording the entire thing.

"I had an inkling he would be called up," Van Steensel told "I made sure to have my phone ready."
Van Steensel, a pitcher for the Double-A affiliate of the Twins, said it was exciting to hear the news -- and exciting every time he hears someone he knows getting a promotion. He also said Jorge had to scrounge quickly to find something nice to wear on the plane and the field.
"He had to run to the outlets near the field during the game to buy a suit," Van Steensel laughed. "He had nothing on him that was nice."
Jorge, across 85.2 frames this season in the minors, posted a 3.26 ERA and will make his Major League debut during night start against the Royals on Saturday during the doubleheader at Kauffman Stadium.