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Tyler Saladino shaved his mustache and our hearts are now as empty as his upper lip

<> at Guaranteed Rate Field on August 26, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. (Jon Durr)

Tyler Saladino had one of the most distinctive mustaches in the Major Leagues. When he wore the White Sox '80s throwbacks, he fit in perfectly well with the style rocked by 1980s icons like Tom Selleck: 

And when in the White Sox black jerseys, he was one top hat away from being Snidely Whiplash: 

Unfortunately, before Friday's 3-1 loss against the Rays, it was revealed that Saladino had shorn the 'stache, clipped the caterpillar and punted the pushbroom. The mustache was gone. 

We can only hope that Saladino is focused on next season and is following the old myth that when you shave, your facial hair grows in even stronger. Crossing fingers.