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The U.S. Men's Curling Team threw out the first pitch before the Twins game and ... it was something

It was the greatest show on ice: The U.S. Men's Curling Team went from Olympic underdogs to Olympic darlings as they blitzed the field and brought home gold for the first time in history. Befitting this ragtag group that calls the Duluth Curling Club their home, they were brought out before the Twins hosted their home opener against the Mariners on Thursday (and after an eagle attacked the opposition, natch). 
Dressed in matching white jackets like they were the next hot boy band, and with large gold medals hung around their necks, the group approached the infield grass ready to make the first pitch. This is when they revealed why they do their work with stones and brooms, and not baseballs. (Notice: One team member did try and curl it in, with great success): 

Hey, just because someone is a gold medalist in one thing, doesn't mean they're a gold medalist in all things. I'd love to see Miguel Sanó try to drop his hammer onto the button. Sorry, it's a curling thing. 
Twins manager Paul Moliter was a big fan of having them in the park. "It was great to have those guys here," Molitor said. "They were happy to be here. I'd never had a chance to even hold a gold medal, let alone put one around my neck, so that was kind of fun."